Best of Animation Block Party

The "Best of Animation Block Party" will be screening at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, California on Thursday February 18, 2010 at 7:30pm and 10:00pm.

The New Beverly Cinema is located at 7165 West Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036

Filmmakers in attendance at screenings include Mike Hollingsworth, Rebecca Sugar, Max Winston, Turner Lange, Ben Li and Caroline Foley. Both shows will be introduced by ABP founder, Casey Safron.

You can buy tickets at:

ABP Intro - Ben Meinhardt

The most recent intro bumper for ABP.

The Sky is Falling - Dave Schlafman
Award winning public service cartoon from 2007.

Topi - Arjun Rihan
A young Hindu boy has a chance encounter with a stranger.

Breathe - Turner Lange
The ultimate chase across an apocalyptic landscape.

The Intruder - Alessandro Ceglia
A woman, alone in her house, has been receiving a series of mysterious phone calls. When she attempts to calm her nerves with a mixture of medication and alcohol, her fears take on a new form.

I Live in the Woods - Max Winston

A woodsman's manic journey and confrontation with America's God.

Popular Kids - nockFORCE
nockFORCE talks popularity.

Amber - David Essman
Amber's parents finally say no when she asks for a life sized robotic unicorn.

Singles - Rebecca Sugar
A good sandwich always needs American cheese.

Roommates - Mike Hollingsworth

Chicken Cowboy
Bennie confronts Matt about problems in the apartment.

Vincent the Security Guard - Ashley Holzwasser
The old school guard gives the new guy a tour of the office.

No Naked - Caroline Foley
Getting naked is fun! ... That is, until the No Naked Horse shows up...

Chicken Cowboy - Stephen Neary

Duck Heart Teslacoil
Shelly the chicken wasn't looking for a fight, but he found on

Duck Heart Teslacoil - Tyler J. Kupferer
A duck deals with a bus stop bully through the use of high voltage weaponry.

Hazed - Matt Hammill
A smoke-spewing factory discovers the toxic side effects of his existence.

Cooking 420 with Chef Barry - Chelsea Manifold

In this brand new cartoon, Chef Barry loses his oregano.

Backwards - Aaron Hughes
A love story so backwards it has to be told in reverse.

Replacement Dog - Garrett Koeppicus
A girl in the big city realizes it's all happening.

Southern Exposure - Susan Chien

Southern Exposure
A young Chinese-American woman moves to a small rural town in the South.

In the Beginning - Choom
A tale about how the universe began has a very unexpected end.

Parasol - Webster Crowell
A short film about bikes, dancing and speed, drawn on a few thousand-paper parasols.

Doxology - Michael Langan
humorously allegorical animation, exploring the relationship between the terrestrial and the celestial via singing tennis balls.

Juggerben - Ben Li
Nothing can stop Juggerben from getting to ABP.